Rolls-Royce Oy Ab


Suojantie 5
PL 220 / BOX 220
26101 RAUMA

Tel. +358 2 837 91
Fax +358 2 8379 4804

Potkuritie 4, BOX 579
67701 KOKKOLA, Finland
Tel. +358 6 832 4500
Fax +358 6 832 4511


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Manufacturing of vessel equipment for the international market as part of the global Rolls-Royce Group.


In Finland, Rolls-Royce operations are concentrated in three locations:

  • The production programme of the RAUMA UNIT includes propulsion units and anchoring, mooring and tugging systems.

  • The KOKKOLA UNIT manufactures water jet propulsion devices.

  • The sales office is located in HELSINKI, where the selection of Rolls-Royce Group products also includes steering gear, thrusters and stabilizers. World-wide service.
  • Products

  • Propulsion equipment
  • Anchoring, mooring and tugging systems
  • Water jet propulsion devices
  • Steering gear
  • Stabilizers
  • Keywords

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