Arctica Wholesale Oy Ltd


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Puutarhatie 24 B
01300 VANTAA

Tel. +358 20 558 8250
Fax +358 20 558 8280

Laserkatu 6 A, 53850 LAPPEENRANTA 020 558 8259
Faksi 020 558 8260
Heikki Huhtamäenkatu 9, 20360 TURKU 020 558 8250
Faksi 020 558 8280

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refrigerators, refrigerator equipment


Founded in 1998, Oy Arctica Wholesale Ltd. is a Finnish importer and wholesaler of refrigeration technology components.

We supply products from leading refrigeration component manufacturers to service firms, contractors and the manufacturing industry.


In Finland our headquarters and warehouse are located in Helsinki. We also have branch locations in Lappeenranta and Turku.

In Russia our locations and warehouses are located in St Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk.

In Estonia our operations are located in Tallinn.


  • Refrigerants and oils
  • Compressors
  • Heat transfer units
  • Automation and plumbing supplies
  • Air heat pumps and supplies
  • Contactors, time switches
  • Ready-to-use compressor machinery
  • Pipe brackets
  • Solders
  • Fan motors
  • Heat elements
  • Insulated dual copper pipe
  • Contact us

    Hyttitie 4B
    00700 HELSINKI
    tel. 020 5588 250
    fax 020 5588 280

    Laserkatu 6A
    tel. 020 5588 250
    fax 020 5588 260

    Heikki Huhtamäenkatu 9
    20360 TURKU
    tel. 020 5588 250
    fax 020 5588 280

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