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Olarinluoma 14 B
02200 ESPOO

Tel. +358 9 887 0200
Fax +358 9 8870 2050


Power supply system and crane component
manufacture, sales and design
Cavotec spring-driven cable reels, motorised cable reels,
hose reels, reel cables, control cables, power cables
MICRO CONTROL – radio remote controls
CAVOTEC FLADUNG – airport security systems
MOORMASTER – automated mooring systems


electrical installation supplies, electrical installation


Cavotec Group is an international industrial group which provides power supply solutions for cranes and other mobile industrial equipment.


Our Finnish location is in Espoo. In addition to Europe we also maintain operations in America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


Power supply units, motorised cable reels, spring-driven reels, cable reels, hose reels, cables, cable reels, control cables, robot cables, heat-resistant cables, safety hoses, medium voltage cables, control cables, fibre optic cables, grips, cable grips, sliprings, power chains, electronic sliprings, electronic components, EX sliprings, EX installation supplies, power supply points, distribution points, reefer points, outlet boxes, outlets, connectors, medium voltage connectors, Cable connectors, radio controllers, radio remote controllers, radio modems, lifts, industrial lifts, freight lifts, rail connectors, crane components.

  • CAVOTEC power supply units and crane components
  • CAVOTEC SPECIMAS motorised cable reels
  • CAVOTEC ALFO spring-driven reels and hose reels
  • ALFO slipring columns and signal sliprings
  • SPECIMAS sliprings and cable reels
  • CAVOTEC RMS- cable and hose coilers
  • MERCOTAC electronic sliprings
  • AUROTAC slipring and electronic components
  • MICRO CONTROL radio control equipment and radio modems
  • NEXANS cables
  • PRYSMIAN power supply cables and control cables
  • PANZERFLEX reeling cables
  • AMER CABLE medium voltage cables
  • PROTEC robot cables, silicone cables
  • CAVOTEC heat-insulated hoses
  • GATTEGNO cable sheaths, grips
  • BREVETTI power transmission chains and cable chains
  • CAVOTEC CONNECTORS outlet box and power supply center
  • CARRIER KHEOPS outlet connectors, multipin connectors
  • WILHELM BERG power supply points
  • POWER CONNECTORS power supply connectors and outlet boxes
  • TJB high voltage outlet connectors
  • AC SMITH-EX sliprings and electromechnical components
  • ITALSMEA-EX installation supplies and light fixtures
  • BINI hydraulic distributors and slipring combinations
  • OLEO buffers, hydraulic buffers
  • GANTREX rail connectors and crane components
  • JOHNSSON ELEVANJA Industrial brakes
  • TRIBCO KEVLAR brake facing, clutch linings and friction materials
  • MICRO CONTROL radio remote controls
  • CAVOTEC FLADUNG airport security systems
  • MOORMASTER automatic mooring systems
  • CONTACTPLASMA separators
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    Our job is to be wherever we are considered to be a key partner in power supply solutions for mobile equipment and crane technology.

    We work to achieve our goal in two ways: first, by providing reliable products, and second by building an organisation that can provide fast, efficient service, thus ensuring our customers' satisfaction and success.

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    Cavotec Finland Oy
    Olarinluoma 14 B
    02200 Espoo

    Tel: +358 9 8870 200
    Fax: +358 9 8870 2050


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