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Varastokuja 5
PL 94

Tel. +358 10 505 6400
Fax +358 19 510 3200

Partition walls, work surfaces, sink counters, window sills
radiator housings, outdoor laminates, laminate flooring, roofing underlays


construction supplies, construction materials, construction material


Eltete Oy is an industry leader in the manufacture of laminate products. We have installed partition wall solutions for sanitary facilities in, for example, the Hartwall Areena, Lahti Ski Centre and Helsinki Airport.

The Eltete Oy building supplies department product range includes roofing underlays, wind barriers, vapour barrier papers and other building papers, plastic coated cardboard and foundation barriers, light tarpaulins, scaffolding covers and building plastics and vapour barriers. Our clients include house manufacturing plants, wholesalers, hardware stores and construction firms.


• roofing underlays
• wind barriers
• PERMO roof underlays and wind barriers
• wind diverter boards
• scaffolding tarps
• plastic underlay sheet for parquet flooring
• tapes
• foundation barriers
• building plastic
• vapour barrier plastic
• vapour-barrier papers
• foundation crepe paper
• building papers
• protective cardboards
• light tarpaulins
• scaffolding tarps
• partition walls
• work surfaces
• sink tops
• window sills
• laboratory furnishings
• radiator covers
• shelving
• mirror shelves


vapour-barrier papers, building papers, transport packing, laminate, partition walls, lockers, roof underlays, pallet runners, cartonboard pallets, U-profiles, C-profiles, flatboards, edgeboards, corner guards, intermediate bulk containers, laminate flooring, dunnage bags, slipsheets, light covers, worktops, wind barrier fabrics, sheet paperboard, sanitary partition walls, window benches, Slip Sheet, foundation panel, scaffolding tarps, Permo roof underlays, Permo wind barriers, wind diverter board, condensation-proof roof underlay, aluminium insulation paper, bitumen lining paper, vapour barrier plastic, building plastic, light tarpaulin
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