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EnerSa designs, manufactures and markets polyurethane machines, presses, sandwich-panel presses, moulds, full production lines and is a global provider of advisory and maintenance services for the polyurethane industry.
Our strong command of polyurethane technology and thirty years of experience in equipment design and manufacture allow us to provide comprehensive service to every industrial sector using polyurethane in production.
Polyurethane is a soft, flexible, hard, durable and conforming material, which can be found everywhere we live, sleep, move, work or spend our free time.
EnerSa Polyurethane Technology can be found anywhere that polyurethane products are being manufactured, designed and developed. EnerSa designs its machines and equipment in co-operation with the customer.

This co-operation also extends to the supply of polyurethane raw materials to our customers for a variety of uses.
We also install, service and maintain the machines we provide as well as provide training in their operation.

EnerSa invests heavily in product development, which is one of the cornerstones of EnerSan's business.
Product development is based on the continuous monitoring of industry technologies and operating environment as well as the needs of our customers. We give special attention to the ease of use and maintenance of our machines and equipment as well as their reliable, long-lasting operation.

EnerSan maintains operations in Russia and the Ukraine.


Polyurethane machines, presses and moulds:
- for soft, hard, integral, RIM, Telene RIM and elastomer
Polyurethane machines, pentane
Polyurethane presses and sandwich panel production lines:
- for wall, door, cold storage and truck cargo spaces.
Production lines for thermally-insulated pipes and components, thermally-insulated ducts, thermal insulation panels and various types of panel layers. Sandwich panel production lines with gluing technology:
- for building wall and roofing panels, truck cargo space panels, etc.
Other production lines for polyurethane products and sandwich panel production lines with gluing technology, on which polyurethane, polystyrene, mineral wool or another material is used for thermal insulation.
Cutting units and lines
Installation polyurethane (foam) production lines, etc.

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