Haminan kaupunki


Puistokatu 2
PL 70
49401 HAMINA

Tel. +358 5 74 910
Fax +358 5 749 2610

Mayor Hannu Muhonen +358-40 589 9852
E-mail: hannu.muhonen@hamina.fi
Town Geodesist Aki Oksanen +358-400 815 836
E-mail: aki.oksanen@hamina.fi
E-mail: firstname.lastname@hamina.fi


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The town of Hamina, situated by the Gulf of Finland, 150 km east of Helsinki, has a long, rich history. European route E18 passes through Hamina on its way to St Petersburg, crossing the Russian border at the Vaalimaa checkpoint. Hamina lies less than 40 km from the Russian border, and St Petersburg is 240 km away. By the great coast road, a lively trade centre emerged in the Middle Ages on the spot where the main shipping routes intersected. Here, on this vital hub for international trade and communications, the town of Hamina was founded in 1653. By the early 1960s, the port of Hamina was Finland's second largest port of export. The archipelago outside Hamina and the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park offer wide open spaces, peaceful nature and beautiful secluded coves. In June and July, shuttle traffic takes passengers from Tervasaari to Tammio and Ulko-Tammio, the National Park's main island.


Hamina - unbeatable locations for all needs

Hamina has housing to meet everyone's needs. There are a plenty of options to choose from: reasonably priced plots for new detached homes, freehold homes, rentals, right-of-occupancy housing and fractional interest housing. Industrial companies and other businesses can find land and space in the port area, in the various industrial parks and in prime locations in the town itself.

Residential plots

Hamina has a number of immediately available residential plots throughout the town, with full access to public utilities.
Plots can be reserved for independent construction of year-round residential housing, by applying to the town's urban planning department. Reservations are made by signing a contract in person and paying a reservation fee of €500. The final handover is made as a purchase or rental contract, depending on the area.
For more information on the plots and the application process, please contact the Hamina location services:
Sami Suoknuuti, +358-400 815 836 or Jari Kiviharju, +358-40 553 8502.
Inquiries can also be sent by e-mail to mittaus@hamina.fi.

Industrial plots

The town of Hamina has plots for industrial and other businesses in the port area, in the various industrial parks and in prime locations in the town itself. Hamina's excellent location near the eastern EU border and by European route E18 makes it a fantastic setting for businesses.

In addition to the port area, the industrial parks of Hamina are: Hevoshaka, Hillo, Mäkelänkankangas Neuvoton, Horjalviikki and the Haanvuorentie area in Summa.

Matti Filppu, Head of the Technical Office, +358-40 589 9852

Sami Suoknuuti, Town Geodesist, +358-400 815 836

Areas of business in the port: Mayor Hannu Muhonen, +358-40 828 1283


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