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Kauniainen is one of the four cities of the Capital Region. It is located in the middle of its neighbouring city, Espoo, 15 km west of Helsinki. Typical of Kauniainen, it has managed to preserve its character as a villa and garden city.
Today, the cityscape is dominated by small houses and its close proximity to nature. Kauniainen is the embodiment of a pleasant, modern-day garden city on a small scale. Today's urban planning strives to preserve these very qualities. In addition to its physical characteristics, this city of villas is also a social phenomenon, whose direct access and intimacy are emphasised in a social interaction we call quality of life.

Work and commerce
There are approximately 2,400 jobs in the city, half of which are in the public sector and the other half in private services. Approximately 870 people are employed in the commercial sector. The City of Kauniainen is the largest employer, with some 700 people in its employ. There are some 4,100 residents working in their chosen professions in Kauniainen.

Population: approx. 9,700
Area: 6,0 km2, water area 0,1 km2
Income tax rate: 17

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Property Engineer Määttälä Johanna +358 50 411 1821
Public Utility Director +358 50 3828 756
Development Manager Tomi Salminen +35850 411 5905
Zoning Director Lassila Marko +358 50 382 9313
Surveyor Pousi Hannu +358 50 411 1901
Environmental Secretary Granlund-Blomfelt Anna-Lena +358 50 323 6269
Communications Secretary Jahnsson Markus +358 50 581 0500
Municipal Engineering Manager Riipinen Jarkko 050 3828 756

More information

Urban planning and city centre area
Even though a majority of Kauniainen is already built, land use planning is a key topic concerning city development in the coming decades. Approved by the City Council last decade, the land use and zoning plan is currently being perfected.It will define the measures, which will be implemented to preserve the city's character as a villa and garden city, even in the future.
In the years to come the most obvious change in Kauniainen will be the redevelopment and construction of the city centre. Alteration of the city's zoning will play a crucial role in not only the cityscape, but also the level of services offered in the city and its further improvement.
In March 2001 the level of services offered by the city centre was enhanced by the opening of a new commercial centre. The pending city centre plan will place an emphasis on residential construction and, in turn, increasing the amount of commercial space to a certain extent. The goal is to establish a functional and local service centre, which will primarily serve the local population and their needs.


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