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Founded in 1968, Metallivalmiste A. Laaksonen Oy is a family-owned and operated company.

We design and manufacture our own high-grade Archive 2000 mobile and stationary shelving systems, metal office and storage cabinets, drawers for drawings and maps. The result of many years of development, our products offer extremely functional solutions, in which our customers are satisfied without exception.

We provide design services and can realize individualized solutions in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

Our professional installation service guarantees the flawless function of our shelving systems.

Our marketing efforts are primarily targeted on Finland. Our clientele is comprised of companies both large and small as well as the public administration sector.

We export to the following countries: Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Russia and, on an occasional basis, other countries.

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When you want to mount a load on your van, trailer or delivery vehicle,
use the TAKI® mounting system!

The TAKI® mounting system’s strength and resilience fulfil the set requirements for load-mounting equipment. The mounting system has a utility model, HM-8115FI.

The TAKI® mounting system is manufactured in Finland.

The TAKI® mounting system is
• flexible
• safe
• durable
• stepless
• simple in use

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• Design service
• Installation service
• Assembly service

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Managing Director
/ Technical Advice
Petteri Laaksonen
Tel: +358 (0)10 3970 300
Direct line: +358 (0)10 3970 304
Fax: +358 (0)10 3970 310

Board of Directors Chairperson
Raisa Laaksonen
Tel: +358 (0)10 3970 300
Direct line: +358 (0)10 3970 301
Fax: +358 (0)10 3970 310

Riitta Laaksonen
Tel: +358 (0)10 3970 300
Direct line: +358 (0)10 3970 302
Fax: +358 (0)10 3970 310

/ Technical Advice
Aulis Laaksonen
Tel: +358 (0)10 3970 300
Fax: +358 (0)10 3970 310


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