Naantalin satama


Satamatie 13

Tel. +358 2 437 5515
Fax +358 2 435 1727

Faksi (02) 435 1727
Port Director Mr. Yrjö Vainiala +358 2 437 5511
Executive Secretary Mrs. Tarja Siekkinen +358 2 437 5512
Port Service (24 h) +358 44 733 4550


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Thanks to the surrounding industry, the Port of Naantali has grown into a major industrial port. Although it has already long been known as a liquid and dry bulk goods port, over the past ten years the Port of Naantali has also become an internationally important large-unit port.


Vessel services (mooring and unmooring, water supply), ice breaker orders, alarm duty, timetable enquiries, VTS duty, weather reports, Port of Naantali, industrial port, large unit port.

More information

Over 8 million tonnes of goods passed through the Port of Naantali in 2011

Measured in tonnes, the Port of Naantali is the third largest municipal port after the Ports of Helsinki and Kotka.
Foreign traffic accounts for over 83% of the total port traffic volume, or approximately 6.67 million tonnes. This represents a more than 2% increase (nearly 0.16 million tonnes) over 2010. The Port of Naantali saw a 1% increase in foreign imports and 6% increase in foreign exports over the previous year.Domestic traffic (incl. Åland and domestic coastal traffic) totalled 1.34 million tonnes, thus representing a nearly 17% decrease (approximately 0.27 million tonnes) from the previous year.


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