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Ruukinkuja 3
02320 ESPOO

Tel. +358 9 809 911
Fax +358 9 8099 1200

E-mail: rpt@rpt.fi

Information services and publishing for the construction sector and industry
Rakennusfakta, Faktanet Live, Rakennustutka
Oikeat Osoitteet, First Index
Investointifakta and Alihankintafakta
Projektiuutiset, Spaces, Teollisuusnyt, Rakenna Oikein


consultation, consulting service, consulting services


RPT Docu Oy is part of the Docu Group, which is a leading European construction information service provider. As an international company, we also provide construction-related market information, market surveys and sales support services from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We publish the following construction sector magazines: Projektiuutiset, Spaces, Spaces Home, Teollisuus Nyt, Rakenna Oikein and First Index.


We have information on construction projects underway in Finland as well as industrial subcontracting and machine investments. Each year we make 90,000 calls to information providers to gather information on upcoming investments in construction and industry. We put our customers in the right place at the right time. We also provide companies with market surveys, construction market information, statistics and address services.

Our high-quality magazines, Projektiuutiset, Spaces, Spaces Home, Teollisuusnyt and Rakenna Oikein, provide a functional marketing channel for decision-makers in the construction sector and industry.


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