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Iso Kylätie 18
PL 7
04131 SIPOO

Tel. +358 9 235 31
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Sipoo is a bilingual municipality in eastern Uusimaa, next to Helsinki. Sipoo is a growing and developing municipality that offers excellent opportunities for living, business and leisure. Sipoo is easy to take root. The municipal administrative center Nikkilä is located in Central Sipoo. South Sipoo's center Söderkulla is located about 10 kilometers south of Nikkilä.

Sipoo is a human-sized municipality with nature, location and good transport links. From Porvoonväylä (highway 7, E 18) passing through southern Sipoo there is a quick connection to the west and east. The Lahdenväylä (highway 4, E 75), which runs west of Sipoo, has a fast connection to Helsinki and the north. Sipoo is part of the Helsinki Region Transport Association (HSL), which also enables smooth public transport within Sipoo and the entire HSL area. The archipelago and the Sipoonkorpi National Park are also a big part of our success story.


- Residential and commercial lots
- Beautiful natural surroundings
- Wide variety of recreational activities
- Excellent transportation connections
- Conference and banquet facilities

Contact us

Commercial Plots:
Business Director Elina Duréault 040 191 4465

Corporate Housing Plots:
Plot Manager Anna-Leena Rouhiainen +358 40 191 4359

Lots for single family homes
Land Use Engineer Maija Lääti 040 480 6292

General and Station Planning:
Planning Manager Jarkko Lyytinen +358 50 409 3957

Commerical Plots:
Comercial and industrial plots can be found in the Vaahteramäki Business Park, the Sibbesborg Business Area, the Box job area and the Bastukärr job area. There are free plots for commercial buildings in the Nikkilä area of Jokilaakso.

For more information about Sipoo Municipality`s Commercial Plots, please contact Business Manager Elina Duréault 040 191 4465

Lots for single family homes and residential plots
The municipality of Sipoo sells lots for single family homes and corporate-style residential houses and apartment blocks in the form of town-planning areas from Nikkilä and Söderkulla.

For more information on lots for single family homes please contact Maija Lääti, land use engineer, tel. +358 40 480 6292,

For more information on corporate-style residential houses please contact Anna-Leena Rouhiainen, Plot Manager tel. +358 40 191 4359,

Information on Sipoo Municipality's lots can be found at

More information

Uusimaa Region
Area: 340 km2
Population: approx. 21.000


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