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PL 355 / PB 355 / PO Box 355
20101 TURKU / ÅBO

Tel. +358 2 330 000
Fax +358 2 262 7229

E-mail: firstname.lastname@turku.fi


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Single-family detached home plots

Twice a year – in spring and autumn – the City of Turku organises a separate application period for plots of land that are assigned based on bids the plots are usually set aside for families with children. The plots are available, in most cases, for either purchase or lease.

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For more information:
Secretary Responsible for Land Plots Ritva Tuomainen
Tel: 02 2624 608
Mobile: 050 4052 688
Fax: 02 2624 599

Land-use Planning Engineer Timo Nurmi
Tel: 02 2624 531
Mobile: 050 5589 531
Fax: 02 2624 599

Commercial Land Plots

- Continuous application period, i.e. no separate application period
- Land can be bought or leased. Leased land can be purchased at a later date
- If an application is successful the purchaser has an obligation to build
- There more than 40 plots of land currently available
- The locations and details of the currently available commercial plots of land can be found from the Turku region’s map service opaskartta.turku.fi
- Commercial land plots are the responsibility of Turku Municipal Property Corporation Land Plot Services

For more information: www.turku.fi/plots, Land Surveyor / Land-use Planning Engineer Timo Nurmi. Tel: 050 5589 531

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Use the Turku Regional Guide to find businesses and services

Turku Regional Guide contains information on the 17,000 companies in the 11 municipalities of the region.
In addition to contact details, the guide’s registry of companies contains information
about company staff and turnover, year established and their preliminary taxation.
See: www.turunseutuopas.com

The Turku Guide contains the City of Turku’s contact information, contact information for businesses in Turku and information about the City of Turku. The guide can be found at www.turkuopas.com.

The Turku Region Map (Turun seudun opaskartta) includes planning maps/zoning maps and many other features, such as aerial photographs. www.opaskartta.turku.fi

Turku Region Development Centre
Yliopistonkatu 27a
Tel: 02 2627 341

The City of Turku
Town Planning/Zoning Inquiries
Tel: 02 2624 300

Building Inspection and Permits
Tel: 02 2624 700

For enquiries about City of Turku land plots
Tel: 02 2624 565

To see the City of Turku’s currently available or planned plots of land for sale or lease:

The Brahe Trip Planner is a free online service that helps you get from place to place in the Turku region.
See more at: http://reittiopas.turku.fi

More information

Turku was European Capital of Culture 2011.
See what is happening in the city at www.turku.fi/events


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